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Kingston Farm was bought in 2006 by Fred and Carla Bright and transformed into a restaurant

serving classic country cuisine and offering bed and breakfast accommodation to travellers.

In 2020 we established an online store, delivering quality local ingredients.

The restaurant at Kingston Farm is open to the public for lunch on Sundays.

We serve a set menu of classic dishes that changes every week.

Vegan and Vegetarian options can be prepared with notice.

We only accept reservations.

We offer a small range of local speciality food.

Carla makes some of the items that we use in the restaurant and guest house. 

We have three

en-suite apartments available for travellers who wish to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the farm.

Breakfast is included. Dinner upon request.

Sorry, no same day bookings,

The farm is solar powered.

Once a month we hold a Saturday morning class on an aspect of entertaining at home with food and drink. We will also shortly be launching an occasional package weekend Chef's tour of our area.

Kingston Farm stands for the celebration of local food and the maintenance of high standards of service.
Whether you are ordering shopping online, coming for a meal or staying for a few nights,
we endeavour to provide you with an unforgettable



We love quality food and drink. We love the stories about it and the people who produce it. We  then share this with you.




Good food brings us together and helps us find a common point of view. One of the greatest sources of joy is what happens around a table.


Good food and service improves all our lives. Kingston Farm is  a safe welcoming space for you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Get in Touch

Shaw Park Road Bathurst Eastern Cape  /  Tel. 083 262 4813

Thanks for getting in touch

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